How To Enroll

How to Enroll

To begin the enrollment process, click on the enrollment link below, complete the requested information and click submit. However, you should first review the steps involved in joining the pooled trust.

Step One: Notification

IMPORTANT: If the trust must be funded before the end of a month and the signing will take place less than 7 business days before month’s end, please call Lee Guardianship Services, Inc. at (239) 791-0910.

Step Two: Complete Trust Enrollment

Before you begin filling out the enrollment form, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you need to install the FREE Acrobat reader – click on the link below.

Within three business days of completing the online enrollment form, the following documents will be e-mailed to the address that you provided:

  1. Joinder Agreement;
  2. Fee Agreement;
  3. Acceptance of Duties Form; and;
  4. Special Needs Trust Limitations Disclosure.

The documents should be reviewed on receipt and any supporting documentation should be gathered. If any changes need to be made, please call Lee Guardianship Services, Inc. at (239) 791-0906. Also, should you need these documents in less than three business days, please call.

Step Three: Document Review and Signing

After the documents have been reviewed, the beneficiary and attorney should meet to discuss the use, terms and limitations of the Pooled Special Needs Trust. After a discussion of these issues, the documents can be executed. Mail all original documents along with supporting documentation to Lee Guardianship Services, Inc. at 3783 Seago Lane, Fort Myers, Florida 33901.  Specific instructions regarding the funding check appear in Step Four.

Once the original documents are fully executed by both parties, Lee Guardianship Services, Inc. sends a copy of the documents to the referring attorney for forwarding to the appropriate agency. The master pooled trust agreement and all amendments should also be provided to the agency providing benefits and can be downloaded from our website.

Step Four: Trust Funding

The funding check for your client’s Pooled Special Needs Trust should be sent to the following address:

Lee Guardianship Services, Inc.
c\o Osterhout & McKinney, PA
3783 Seago Ln
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

The check must be made payable to:Lee Guardianship Services Inc. ” f.b.o. Trust Beneficiary Full Name “


The above form is a .PDF document. You must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to open the form. If you need to install the FREE Acrobat reader – click here

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